Where money comes from

About 90% of our funding comes from Members entrusting us with their personal savings. The remaining 10% is the Credit Union’s retained surpluses built up over the its operating lifetime –
its capital reserves.

money comes from

What we use it for

We lend that funding out in the form of personal loans to help local people buy things they need.

how we generate income

How we generate income

Almost all our income comes from interest that these borrowers pay on their loans. A tiny proportion comes from interest we receive from banks for our deposits.

money comes from

How we use that income

We use our income to pay dividends to our members, on paying our employees, to pay for insurance for members loans and savings, on operating costs, and by serving our local communities through grant aid and charitable giving.

how we generate income

What we use the remaining surplus for

Any surplus left over are used to support our current and future Members through maintaining capital strength by bolstering our reserves.


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